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Check Your website speed online

This is really cool to Check Your website speed online and some analysis with free tools. Every website or blog owner need this type ...

Check Your website speed online

This is really cool to Check Your website speed online and some analysis with free tools.

Every website or blog owner need this type of tools daily. These tools are always changing and always updating.

Here some sites list, who provide Free (Premium version available) service to analysis Your website and blog.

The tools on this list can help you get your bearings, track your success, and prove your worth. And they can do all of that for free. The best way to honor that kind of bargain is simply to start testing your website today.

1. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is incredibly straightforward. You just put your URL in and hit “Analyze.” The test is free and you can easily download the data.

GTmetrix’s strengths include:

  • The overall interface is incredibly easy to use. It’s UX design is easy to navigate and elicits trust.
  • Page speed numbers are given to you with context (your fully loaded time is compared to the overall internet average of 6.7 seconds, for example). Sometimes it’s nice to know how you’re doing relative to the rest of the internet!
  • Scores are broken down by type, meaning if you aren’t overly familiar with web development, you can still determine whether issues are primarily coming from your CSS, Javascript, or server environment.

Get GTmetrix`s Link

2. Pingdom

Pingdom provides users with a nice mix of options and simplicity. As such, Pingdom offers the following benefits:

  • In its current configuration, Pingdom lets users test their webpage speed from any of four different testing locations. In general, you’re going to want to choose the testing location closest to your website’s geographic user base.
  • Results are incredibly easy to read, with letter grade breakdown of performance insights that also provide a specific list of issues to address.
  • The waterfall is also one of the easier to read among webpage speed testing tools, and the data is broken down in a way that makes it easier to dig deeper.

Get Pindom Link

3. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights isn’t going to provide a lot of data or suggestions on how to fix problems. In fact, it’s not really a true page speed testing tool.
But there are some reasons why it’s still worth checking out this Google-built tool:

  • Google’s results might matter more than other tools’ results. That’s because Google actually creates the search rankings where you’re trying to gain traction. If a Google tool is finding issue with your website performance, it’s a good idea to take that data seriously.
  • This tool is also incredibly easy to use. Just type your web address in, wait a few seconds, and you’ll see results from both mobile and desktop versions of your website. All the results are color-coded nicely, so you tend to know pretty instantly whether your website is performing well or not.

Get Google PageSpeed Insights Link

4. offers an incredibly robust and thorough page speed testing tool. Most other page speed testing tools will only test from one location at a time. But the Website Speed Test from checks page speed from 24 locations – including yours (or as close to yours as is possible).

  • Seeing how your load times vary from location to location can help you see how different users are experiencing your website around the world.
  • Knowing where most of your users actually come from can help you contextualize the information provided by the Website Speed Test; consider cross referencing this data with data from Google Analytics, for example.
  • The Website Speed Test also provides detailed waterfall graphs so you can see exactly the order in which your webpage loads.

Get Dotcom-Tools Link

5. Site24x7 

The Site 24 x 7 Webpage Analyzer tool is designed specifically to:

  • Evaluate server environment performance as it relates to webpage speed.
  • Integrate with various other system administrator tools.
  • Provide an easy-to-read waterfall graph that displays what loads on your webpage and when.

Get Site24x7 Link 

Enjoy it. 

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